Worm Sent Through MSN and How to Delete It

As of today, I’ve received a message from one of my mates in MSN and the message was one which I wouldn’t have expected, which goes like “Can you have a look at my pic, I’m going to use it on Myspace?” and a file “Image26.zip” was sent. Being a bit suspicious, I asked a few questions and didn’t get a reply. Continue reading

Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcut Key

windows vista missing manualWindows keyboard shortcuts, or Windows Hotkeys are basically a combination of keys when press together will trigger a Windows task that will otherwise require few mouse movements or mouse clicks to complete.

Using shortcut keys can speed up your daily task and greatly enhance your performance and experience with Windows Vista. Do note that most of these shortcut keys also applies to Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server.
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How to Use Trackback and Pingback to Get More Links and Traffic

It’s been almost a year since I started blogging and only today, yes today, that I realized the importance of usefulness of trackbacks and pingbacks. When used correctly, it doesn’t only provide you with an increase in traffic, but also creates relationship by recognising what others have written and contributed through their ideas and writings. It’s definately a win-win situation here.

The following are, persoanlly, some of the good read of what trackback and pingbacks are and how you can use them:
1. A bit of history about trackback and pingback

2. WordPress Trackback Tutorial

3. Youtube video explaining Trackback

Hope those can at least get you started. Have a nice time blogging.

Installing Microsot Loopback Adapter Before Installing Oracle or SQL Server

If you’re going to use Oracle Database or SQL Server in a local environment or in virtual machines, make sure you install Microsfot Loopback Adapter first before you even try to install Oracle and SQL Server. Typically, the computer on which you want to install Oracle Database is connected to the network. While doing an installation, both Oracle and SQL Server will check what the current IP of the current computer is, and use this IP in several places in its installation. While this itself isn’t a problem, it might still cause *some* trouble after installation if:

1. You had DHCP dynamically assign new IP for your computer
2. You want to run database server locally in a non-networked computer but was connected to the network while you were installing Oracle or SQL Server.

What you need is the Microsoft Loopback adapter. The Microsoft Loopback adapter is a tool that can be used for:

1. Virtual network environment where network access is not available
2. Assigning a fake constant IP to be used by Oracle or SQL Server installation
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Site Indexed in Google Within 5 days

seo sem website trafficFinally got my site/blog indexed with Google search engine within 5 days. That was considered quite fast judging that there wasn’t any link building activity done yet and there wasn’t any backlinks coming from high traffic sites or anything of that kind. No softwares tools was used whatever. Simply submitting url and registering my sitemaps in yahoo and google manually did the trick for me. I’m sure writing at least a post a day in WordPress and using a plugin to create and submit the sitemaps for yahoo and google helps a lot as well. I know that there are people who can get there site indexed within 24 hours though. Oh well, I’m not that lucky but yet I’ve done it anyhow.

So, how long did it took you to get your site indexed in Google?

How to Search Files to Downloads in Rapidshare

rapidshare 1 ico screenshot

Here is a fast way to search for files to download in rapidhsare. The site rapidshare1 offers a search engine interface to let you key in keywords of the file that you are searching for.

I personally prefer megaupload compared to rapidshare. IMHO, it’s easier to search for files in megaupload using only google itself, while rapidshare doesn’t allow those pages to be indexed by Google.

How to Generate Incoming Links Graph from Technorati

davidtan.org technorati incoming traffic graph

Technorati is one of the biggest blog search engine online and it’s always good to have some traffic coming from Technorati. It shows that people are searching and visited your site for what you’ve written. Technorati now can generate a graph that shows how many incoming links they have sent to your site. Continue reading