WordPress Plugins To Help You Increase Google Pagerank

If you want to see more green on your pagerank and you are using WordPress to run a blog, you can utilize some plugins to help you get the job done. My all time favorite plugins for SEO purposes are all listed in my top 10 most wanted wordpress plugin page.

As always, your aims are: To gain a good pagerank so that you stand a higher chance to be listed on the first few pages on a google search result page (SERP), and thus stand a higher chance to get a visitor to your site.

Top 10 Most Wanted WordPress Plugins

wordpress logoWordPress is undeniably one of the best free software/script you can get today to act either as a blogging system or as a CMS to manage your website content. The following plugins are 10 of the most useful wordpress plugins that can be used to improve productivity and SEO so you can concentrate more effort into writting good content. Continue reading

How to Use Trackback and Pingback to Get More Links and Traffic

It’s been almost a year since I started blogging and only today, yes today, that I realized the importance of usefulness of trackbacks and pingbacks. When used correctly, it doesn’t only provide you with an increase in traffic, but also creates relationship by recognising what others have written and contributed through their ideas and writings. It’s definately a win-win situation here.

The following are, persoanlly, some of the good read of what trackback and pingbacks are and how you can use them:
1. A bit of history about trackback and pingback

2. WordPress Trackback Tutorial

3. Youtube video explaining Trackback

Hope those can at least get you started. Have a nice time blogging.

WordPress 2.3.1 Release Canditate 1

wordpress logoIt was almost a month ago since WordPress 2.3 was released and now they are going forward with introducing their latest release candidate for 1 WordPress 2.3.1. This blog has been running on wordpress 2.3 from start and so far it has proved to be stable and I’m pretty happy with no complaints here. But yet, according to the wordpres team, they managed to fix over twenty bugs.

Some of the notable fixes are:
– Tagging support for Windows Live Writer
– A login bug that affected those with a Blog Address different than their WordPress Address is fixed
– Faster taxonomy database queries, especially tag intersection queries
– Link importer fixes

Site Indexed in Google Within 5 days

seo sem website trafficFinally got my site/blog indexed with Google search engine within 5 days. That was considered quite fast judging that there wasn’t any link building activity done yet and there wasn’t any backlinks coming from high traffic sites or anything of that kind. No softwares tools was used whatever. Simply submitting url and registering my sitemaps in yahoo and google manually did the trick for me. I’m sure writing at least a post a day in WordPress and using a plugin to create and submit the sitemaps for yahoo and google helps a lot as well. I know that there are people who can get there site indexed within 24 hours though. Oh well, I’m not that lucky but yet I’ve done it anyhow.

So, how long did it took you to get your site indexed in Google?

Faster WordPress Post Editing

wordpress edit post link tips

I love the idea of being able to edit my post whenever I want to, and not having to do that by going into wp-admin -> manage -> posts. As shown in the pic above, when the circled pencil is clicked, you will jump straight into your posts content to start editing. Here’s how I did it. Continue reading