Excel: How To Add Line Break In Cell

excel logo iconMost text editors moves to the next line when you press ENTER. What you have done is essentially entered a line break.

However, things work a bit differently in Microsoft Excel. Instead of entering a line break, Microsoft Excel jumps to the next cell when you press ENTER.

The solution is: Use ALT-ENTER if you want to achieve a line break in a Excel cell.

Simply put:
– You are adding a new line to the text in a cell when you press ALT-ENTER.
– You are jumping from one cell to the cell in the next row when you press ENTER

2 thoughts on “Excel: How To Add Line Break In Cell

  1. ah!!!! thank you!!! i’ve always wondered how to do that…i thought excel can’t do that except for using wordwrap…..will try it out….

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