Free Microsoft Press Visual Studio 2008 Ebook Download

visual studio logo iconMirosoft Press is giving out 3 ebooks for free. This is a chance not to be missed by visual studio developers, software developers and students alike. Only 2 chapters will be available for download but should be a good start or preview of the book if you’re interested in learning or buying.

The following three Microsoft Press print books are up for offer.

Programming Microsoft LINQ
by Paolo Pialorsi and Marco Russo
ISBN: 9780735624009
Chapter 6: Tools for LINQ to SQL
Chapter 16: LINQ and ASP.NET

Introducing Microsoft® SilverlightTM 2, Second Edition
by Laurence Moroney
ISBN: 9780735625280
Chapter 1: Introducing Silverlight 2
Chapter 2: Using Expression Blend with Silverlight 2

Programming Microsoft® ASP.NET 3.5
by Dino Esposito
ISBN: 9780735625273
Chapter 3: Anatomy of an ASP.NET Page
Chapter 18: HTTP Handlers and Modules

The catch is you will need to register an account to be able to download the 2 chapters. This is merely a simple login if you are already a MSN messenger or live user.

You can get the ebooks here

* This is not the full ebook. I thought I was going to get the full content when I login/register but the fact that there’s only 2 free chapters per ebook which is not bad either.

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