How To Run JDownloader Properly In Windows 7

Since upgraded to Windows 7 from windows Vista, my rapidshare downloader JDownloader seems to have problems starting itself properly. Executing JDownloader.exe will leave your system running javaw*32.exe (simply because JDownloader was written in Java) forever and you won’t see the main user interface starting up at all. I later found out that it has something to do with UAC. So, here’s the solution to get it running in Windows 7.

How To Run JDownloader in Windows 7

1. Goto Program files > JDownloader.

2. Right click on JDownloader.exe > Properties

3. Goto the Compatibility tab > Privilege Level section, check Run this program as an administrator and press OK. Now you’ll always start JDownloader with Administrator privileges.
jdownloader compatibility properties windows 7

4. That’s it. Go and grab some rapidshare links to download with JDownloader.

Or an alternative way would be to simplyturn off User Account Control (UAC) in Windows 7.

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