How to Use Trackback and Pingback to Get More Links and Traffic

It’s been almost a year since I started blogging and only today, yes today, that I realized the importance of usefulness of trackbacks and pingbacks. When used correctly, it doesn’t only provide you with an increase in traffic, but also creates relationship by recognising what others have written and contributed through their ideas and writings. It’s definately a win-win situation here.

The following are, persoanlly, some of the good read of what trackback and pingbacks are and how you can use them:
1. A bit of history about trackback and pingback

2. WordPress Trackback Tutorial

3. Youtube video explaining Trackback

Hope those can at least get you started. Have a nice time blogging.

7 thoughts on “How to Use Trackback and Pingback to Get More Links and Traffic

  1. If I remember correctly, trackbacks originated from movatabletypes and wordpress improved on that idea to create pingback. Both are blogging platforms, so to answer your question, it’s for blogs only. Having a blog is a good way to get search engines to index your site anyway.

  2. Question: I have a new blog and I’m getting Pingbacks. The sites that are linking to me are filled with Ads and they only show a portion of my original post and there is not way to get back to my original post. Is it a good or bad thing if I accept their ping?

    Are they profiting from stealing my content?

  3. Sounds like they are stealing your content through RSS and just using it to run their autoblogs. Just ignore their pingback, it’s useless in this case.

    They *might* profit from it, but I doubt it will work. Autoblogs are hard to keep up with when all they do is just stealing content (no useful + original content)

  4. I liked the info & useful links in this article. In response to ‘power’ pingomatic is a tool that tells search engines you’ve updated your blog with a new post & is a good thing. As per ‘AP’ I’ve started getting automated pingbacks too. I check the link page to make sure it’s not just full of ads before approving. You can label bad pingbacks as spam, Use wordpress akismet or other spam control plugin.

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