Plagiarism Just Got Harder With TurnItIn

A friend who is currently still studying in Uni appraoched me asking me whether I had heard of turnitin. I honestly said no and asked what on earth that was. She said that her classmates and herself is currently taking it seriously in writing their reports and research results due to the fact that the uni has started to submit their papers to turnitin to check for plagiarism.

After checking the website, the threat seems to be real. In fact, it’s already real for quite a few years. Not to say that I plagiarise, but please don’t blame me for feeling lucky to escape the plagiarism detection systm since I graduated earlier before my Uni subscribed to their services.

A few thoughts and questions:
1. The detection system is entirely web based, you submit, they scan, detect and give you back with a report highlighting any parts that has been copied fr

2. I personally don’t think that they can capture everything. Why? If they could (or did), Google, Yahoo and MSN has just got a new compeitor and since I’ve never heard of them, chances are that their indexes are way way smaller then the 3 major search engines. But that’s IF they do crawl and index webpages.

If they don’t, they can basically query search strings from all search engines anyway, which is absolutely do-able.

3. People are lazy and some people simply think that writing takes up too much brainpower. Not to mention that you need time and research plus making sure that your grammar and spelling fit in correctly to say what you want to say. If you are really bad in writing, maybe you should consider blogging. It helps to improve your writing skills.

However, the conclusion is: If you plagiarise, you stand a chance of getting caught.

4 thoughts on “Plagiarism Just Got Harder With TurnItIn

  1. Hi. I think they have this number for different institutes and they keep all the papers they recieve. When they recieve new ones, they probably compare it with that one which makes it easier to catch plagirasim.

  2. Fools old way of copying and pasting the whole thing isn’t working any more!
    You -as a student- must be clever to use the resources without been caught!
    Take five different resources, mix them together by taking two sentences each paragraph each resource, rearrange them by describing an essay idea with different essay expression! change as many words with their equals as you can!
    write down the five resources as references.
    This method will fool any plagiarism detector, and will confuse your tutor!
    What you know? may be you will really get a new authentic essay!

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