WordPress 2.3.1 Released

wordpress logoThe wordpress team are really a bunch of smart and hardworking people. No longer than 2 days afeter they releaed the release candiidate 1 for worpress 2.3.1, they have now made an official release for a stable release of WordPress 2.3.1

Apparently, there was a major security issue with XSS with WordPress 2.3.

An XSS problem that can be exploited if your php setup has register_globals enabled. For this reason, upgrading to 2.3.1 is advised.

4 thoughts on “WordPress 2.3.1 Released

  1. 2.3 was really great. I like the part where they can let you know when they are having a newer version of a plugin that you are using. Man, it’s even telling me to upgrade to 2.3.1!

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