How To Hack Windows XP Login Password

windows xpIt’s really easy to hack the login password of Windows XP. This trick can be useful if you forgot what your login password is and want to change it so you can login again. I actually had this experience when I was trying to use my laptop which was deserted for almost a year. Forgot password = Can’t login. But there’s always a solution.

Hacking Windows XP Login Password

1. Restart your computer and keep pressing F8.

2. From the menu, select boot in safe mode with command prompt.

3. once you’re at the command prompt, type “net users” (without quotes)

4. You will see a list of usernames. Pick the username that you are using and type “net users username *” (without quotes, replace username with a real username from that username list)

5. You will be asked to enter a new password and a second reconfirmation.

6. Press enter and you will be told that your username password has been changed successfully.

Easy, wasn’t it?

61 thoughts on “How To Hack Windows XP Login Password

    • it never worked on my XP laptop. I’d get the command prompt, list the users, select the user I wanted to change the password for, but it NEVER asked me for a new password.

  1. Can’t do that. Couse, when we select safe mode with command prompt, before we enter the command prompt,
    we must log in first.

    • Yes, that’s right if your account is setup with an administrator account. In that case, this hack might not be for you.

      I had tried this hack for changing passwords belonging to users who are setup using guests accounts. In some cases, administrator accounts are unprotected, and thus you can always get to the command prompt through the administrator account without any passwords at all. Follow the commands as mentioned above once you’re in the command prompt.

      • In that case why not just log in as the unprotected administrator and change the password from Windows’ user management console? Sounds like a great run-around for a problem that does not exist..

          • The problem is that this ‘hack’ requires knowing both an administrator-level account’s name and its password. If you already have those, you can just log in normally and change the passwords on other accounts – you don’t need Safe Mode or the command prompt at all.

    • Actually, David is right! If the default administrator account by windows is password protected you still need to logon on that account or crack that account. If you are interested to learn just follow some steps below;

      1. Reset Windows Default Password – Boot up your Operating System (OS) with Windows NT (Administrator Privileges) then look for System32 directory then look and click “cmd.exe” (Administrator Privileges) will appear then type this command “net user username *” and press Enter keys thrice to reset the password to default (none).

      Do you want to know and see someones password using a certain program that can crack all windows version 100%?

  2. Not sure I’d call this “hacking”, more like a “work-around” – kinda like booting into single-user mode to change root’s passwd in *nix.

  3. Well just select safe mode normally and Click administrator and it normally has no login, Then Navigate using control panel to the users accounts and edit the account you want with the password you want.

    Rather than wasting a lot of time typing when you can do it with a few clicks.

  4. That would be nice, but if the administrator account is password protected, you’re required to login onto that account first. So this ‘hack’ is useless on that.

  5. Not really useful at all.

    Here’s why:
    You need to log into an administrator account in order to use the command prompt.

    And guess what?

    If you can log into an admin account to access the command prompt, you can also log into that same admin acct without the command prompt (i.e., plain Safe Mode or normally) and change any other user’s password by using WinXP’s normal user-acct control panel.

    So really, this command line “trick” offers literally no new capability, just a new method for people already logged into an admin account. Even if you didnt have a mouse you could still arrow-key your way the control panel after logging into plain Safe Mode and change any user’s acct.

    On a WinXP computer with no known password, the only way I know of to change a password is to boot from one of numerous password breaking CDs (e.g., mine boots Linux then lets you reset [blank] a password for any WinXP user acct).

    Sorry, but your “hack” is not a hack at all and is really useless.

    Analogy: eat an ice cream cone with your left hand, instead of your right, thus freeing up your primary hand. Or, for you lefties, eat an ice cream cone with your right hand a free up your left hand (primary hand). Comments: that’s genius! What a great hack! I’ll no longer have to buy right-handed ice cream cones. Almost as useful as a bucket of steam!

    • your way of doing things is to complicate david tan’s method ok so what that he found a way to hack that was completely different then the way you did but if you need to login to an admm account then what’s the purpose of hacking it anyway after that and that “coment user” is why there is his way of hacking it you just couldn’t see it his way because your stubborn just like my snobby exwife

    • You crazy JOHN! I don’t know what is your problem but the word HACK is getting inside or bypassing ADMINISTRATORS security password not just by typing administrators passwords just to get in and change its password. HACKING is doing different and impossible ways beyond many users imagination or knowledge… Did I answer your question?

  6. Physical access is always a security breach. These back doors exist on all computers. Keep your computer under your control at all times. If you are paranoid, use an encryption tool.

  7. Yes this is a good trick if the administrator pass is empty. A faster trick is to push CTRL+ALT+DEL twice at the login screen, type administrator as the user name, and then just go into the control panel to remove the password

  8. Why not just use the Microsoft distributed Locksmith software? It’s part of the Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset…..

  9. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete twice when you see windows login screen. Or use third party windows password recovery software, for example windows login recovery.

  10. Aw! It is so easy and simplified. I used to think that there is big process in changing the password and for its authentication. It seems to be really comfortable. Thanks for giving this information.

  11. A few days ago I couldn’t get into Windows, and also couldn’t log into Windows safe mode due to my admin password was changed by some unknown person.
    Finally I removed the admin password with the “Windows Password Reset Kit 1.5”, it is very easy to use and instant.

  12. I’d just as soon use a linux-based tool. It’s a one-shot sure deal, whereas this one seems to depend on someone having left a hole in the admin account. Less time to do the job=more jobs done in a day.

  13. Hello just wondering if anybody can help me, my father recently passed away & I wanted to look on his laptop for any photos or anything I should know of. He has a dell latitude d610, and windows xp. There’s a user name and a password, neither of which we know. Although the username may just be the letter ‘a’ which is always in the username box.

    I really need to get through things and get everything done and dusted so if you could please get back to me asap I’d be so grateful.

    Ps – I tried to follow the steps above, but pressing F8 doesn’t do anything.

    Thank you!

  14. To bypass windows xp password, there are several free methods:
    1. With another admin account.
    2. With Windows 7 password reset disk.
    3. From Safe Mode.
    More details you can found on other sites, it is easy to find.

    Another tip: Recover Windows 7 password with Windows Password Recovery Tool.
    1. Install this program on another computer and create a password recovery disk with USB
    2. Insert the disk to your laptop and set your laptop to boot from it.
    3. All user accounts will be loaded, then you can reset any user password.

  15. This worked on the first try for me. Windows XP A relative passed away and my wifes cousin that lives in another state wanted us to log onto her brothers computer. This saved us hundred of dollars vs hiring a computer IT guy.

    Thanks David Tan


  16. Can you tell me how to get on on a widows xp without the password I can get to the admin bit it want to start up the hotmail that is not password proteted I don’t want change anything I assure you I’m not doing anything nasty just protecting myself

  17. I have windows xp professional. The computer was given to me with an admin password can someone please help me?

  18. I am using windows 7 professional. this is office pc thts way no one give to admin rights and every time system ask administrator password if any pogram run and install so what is solution this problem ???? how to hack administrator password???

  19. When I use this trick on Windows XP Media center edition it just brings me to the login prompts.

    As a technician I have used this trick on many XP rigs in the past but I guess it won’t work on this specific version of XP. It just brings me to the login splash screen.

    Any tips?

  20. I have my old work laptop that was not couriered back to head office in the Caribbean when I resigned due to cost. I have forgotten the password or login ID. There appears to be no way of bypassing the password since I’m required to enter it before being able to boot from F8 options. Is there a way of getting into this laptop without entering a password?

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