How & Where To Find Dell Service Tag

My dell laptop screen failed recently and fortunately it was still under warranty so I got it replaced by Dell for free. The first thing Dell service asked was the “service tag” so that they can track down what hardware/software I’ve bought from them and to check whether I’m still entitled for the service replacement.
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Overdrive Mobile App + Adobe Digital Edition (Windows 7) Syncing Confusion and Can’t Download eBook Solution

I just found out about overdrive and loving it. I can borrow ebooks from my library and can read in on my windows laptop/dekstop (using ADE) and mobile (android + ios). I did encountered a problem though, whereby books I’ve downloaded and works fine on my windows 7 Adobe Digital Edition (ADE), fails to work on overdrive mobile app. Here I share the experience and what i did to fix it.
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Best Selling Golf Equipment

golf ball 128This is an app developed to show what are the best selling items golfers are buying.

Golf players can use this app to look for products that can improve their game.

It’s also useful for business owners as they can get to know what hot products to sell to their customers.
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Best Selling Video Games

best selling video gamesBest Selling Video Games is a web application that’s developed to let users view the current top 100 best selling games for all major video gaming platforms.

The app helps you save time researching and looking for the next video game to buy for yourself, or as a gift for friends and family. Plus, it keeps you updated with what’s popular in the video gaming scene so that could be a conversation starter the next time around you meetup with friends.
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Dine at L’Enoteca

Had a great dinner at L’Enoteca at Victoria Park tonight. Was craving for Italian food, and found this place with good ratings on urbanspoon, decided to give it a go and wasn’t disappointed. It was a lovely and romantic place with good food and friendly service. I will let the photos do the talking. Continue reading

How To Clear Screen in Groovy Console

If you’ve ever used the windows command prompt, cls will pop up right into mind.

But in GroovyConsole, that command cls won’t work. There’s a menu and shortcut key CTRL+W for it instead
groovy console clear screen output

How To Get Notepad++ to Autocomplete Functions and Parameter Hints

Notepad++ logo iconNotepad++ isn’t a programming IDE but you’ll be surprised how many people used it to view and edit source code.

One nice thing which does make coding a little more fun in Notepad++ is the built-in autocomplete (or intellisense as the microsoft visual studio users like to call it) feature. This feature isn’t enabled by default, but can be easily turned on through
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